MAJOR Changes at Foxwoods Theater

In the course of one week, three stories broke about one of the largest theaters in New York City.
The theater, with an extravagant facade, has been known for having a barn-like interior that, despite millions invested for Spiderman, just can’t be reinvigorated.
The 1,900 seat theater has been infamous for housing shows that underperformed. Audiences didn’t show up for “Young Frankenstein,” “The Pirate Queen” or “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.” And need we remind you about “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark” which made history for being the most successful (and arguably the most disappointing show) in history? That isn’t the best track record.
It was assumed that “King Kong,” having finished a critically acclaimed run in Melbourne, would find a home on Broadway at the Foxwoods, given the magnitude of the production, but Thursday they announced that they’ll be looking else where.
One of the reasons for this move was the fact that it’s premiere date was pushed to Spring 2015 instead of the December date they announced earlier. Due to the sheer scale of the production, they didn’t want to rush the transfer.
Leaving a theater vacant for more than a year is a near disaster for everyone involved. When “King Kong” delayed it had to be shown the door.
Hoping to get a risk free project on their stage, they booked the revival of the iconic musical “On the Town.” While revivals don’t bring in as much money, a show is a show.
To signify this new goal (to tape it’s ripped reputation) the theater just changed it’s name. While in it’s long life it’s been the Ford Performing Arts Center, The Hilton, and The Foxwoods Theater, for this next chapter they’ll be called the Lyric.
Their contract with the Foxwoods Casino has ended and it seemed the perfect time to reinvigorate the theater. Because “On the Town” won’t need as big a Tech as “King Kong” we think the theater should take the time to update their house.
Hopefully, this shakeup can be good for the cursed theater which has never had luck. Maybe, just maybe, “On the Town” will be the thing to do it. We hope at the end of an era they’ll be able to save themselves, and save their reputation.



  1. Interesting. I am planning a blog post on dark theatres and I love this post. Leaving such a big venue dark for such a long time would be economic ruin! I’ll certainly start following this blog. Thanks!

  2. Thanks! Feel free to follow on wordpress (showbusinessinsights) or twitter (showbizinsights) or Facebook (showbusinessinsights).
    Do you think King Kong is going to be a hit when it lands on Broadway?

  3. The reviews were mixed, which is a challenge, but I think they key will two things: 1) the animatronic ape… if people think it’s stunning then that could be a big draw 2) its investment and nut… if it goes the direction of Spiderman, then that’s a tough sell. If they keep costs under control, then I think it has potential.

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