“Finding Neverland” From Boston To Broadway


Finding Neverland, a mysterious but fascinating new project, just opened in Boston last night- one step closer until flying it’s way to Broadway. The cast, which does NOT include Jennifer Hudson (as much as the Tony Awards performance made it seem!!!) but instead stars Newsies Jeremy Jordan and Mary Poppins star Laura Michelle Kelly (we aren’t complaining!). The show tells the powerful story of how author J.M. Barrie wrote his timeless classic Peter Pan, a story that seems to be adapting everywhere. It kicked off with the brilliant but short lived musical Peter and the Starcatchers (which told the untold story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up). On NBC you can catch a live telecast of the musical with Allison Williams, and in 2016 you’ll be able to see not one but two live-action movie adaptations (one from Disney and one from Warner Brothers). In between the chaos, Finding Neverland is set to open. We can’t wait until we can discover the magic behind the book, and see the magic in the musical. We might just have to take a trip to Boston to catch a glimpse!!!


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