“Aladdin” On Broadway Honors Robin Williams

We’ve never had a friend like him and we’ll never have a friend like him again. In honor of Robin Williams tragic death, the cast of Aladdin honored the comedian and actor through a touching reprise of the show’s signature song. Williams, who played the Genie in the 1993 movie of Aladdin, was saluted by James Monroe Iglehart (who has taken on the role on Broadway) in a very heartwarming rendition of “Never Had a Friend Like Me” sung by the cast, crew, and even the audience. It looks like we have yet another reason to love the show. 


“Jesus Christ Superstar” US Tour Lands Stars From Destiny’s Child and N’SYNC

While “Jesus Christ Superstar” will launch an arena tour is great news, the casting is even more exciting. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s an Tim Rice’s award winning Broadway staple will tour across the country stopping at FIFTY cities.

Superstar, which has had successful runs in U.K. and Australia, is set to start in the U.S sometime next year.

Fans are already ecstatic but you’ll want to sit down when you hear this next announcement: the casting. 

N’SYNCH’s JC Chasez will appear as Pontius Pilate and Destiny’s Child  star Michelle Williams (not “Great Gatsby” Williams mind you) will play Mary Magdalane. In addition Brandon Boyd will play Judas Iscariot and Johnny Rotten will be King Herold. As for who’ll play Jesus Christ Superstar himself, Ben Forster has signed on. 

Yep, you heard me right!!! Singing legends will take on Biblical icons. Could there be a better combo?